Beginner's 1729 Curriculum

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A curriculum based around the values of Truth, Health & Wealth.

1729.com stands for a the concept of creating a network state. A network state is created by connecting a group of people in the cloud, then buying land collectively and establishing a new state around certain values.

For 1729.com the group of people are tech progressives and this certain worldview revolves around Truth, Health & Wealth. Even though the general mission has been stated to progress transhumanism, we never talked about the values in particular. Thus, an explanation of the values should be attempted in terms of my understanding. Consequently, a beginners-curriculum should be created on top of the explanation to create a valuable tech-progressive citizen.

One could philosophize the meaning of truth, however in this case I believe it to be the proof of something really happening. Here a lot of Balaji's (lecture) concepts relate to this idea: The Ledger of Record, Algorithmic Fact Checking, Reputation, Rule-of-Law, Mathematical Truth. Broken down to a common denominator, all of these concepts relate back to the ledger of record, the blockchain.

  • The Network State (History, Technology & Communities)
  • Programming (Data Structures, Algorithms, React & Solidity)
  • Math (Statistics & Linear Algebra)
In this case, the term health has multiple layers (easy to hard). The first layer is to start making more healthy decisions in our daily lives like working out and eating more healthy. The second layer is to add accountability by using gadgets (quantified self). The third layer is to transcend human limits through tech (transhumanism). The fourth and final layer is extreme longevity or eternal life.

  • Fitness & Food
  • Quantified Self
  • Transhumanism & Longevity
For me, the term wealth has an individual and a collective meaning. Individually, wealth means to have freedom aka enough passive income to be independent. Collectively, it means to have enough monetary power to pursue any big and important idea. An important part here is also knowledge of history and money markets coupled with the understanding of what makes an important contribution to society.

  • Value Investing
  • History & Value of Bitcoin
  • Crisis & Economics
All in all, the three values span over multiple, non trivial, concepts. Ideally, a tech-progressive belonging to 1729.com should be knowledgeable in all three areas. Hence, if you are missing knowledge on these areas, this post should give you a good base of knowledge. The aim here is to provide enough starting resources to become a valuable 1729.com citizen. A valuable citizen in this case is not only one that understands these topics, but one that can create and prove his value. Keep in mind, reputation will become most valuable in a pseudonymous economy, so better start now by using building your record and using apps that are on-chain.

Finally, once you achieve a good foundation in practical knowledge in the values (Truth, Health, Wealth), you can explore further resources and more importantly participate in building web3.

Message me, for book and further resource recommendations.