Ideas Graveyard ☠

Over the years, I've entombed many ideas & projects. Sometimes I pursued them for fun, other times I hoped to make a quick extra buck. Yes, perhaps some project is a bit more unordinary so to say, but I learned a lot in every single one.


InfinityHabit 2022

A DApp that should create aligned-online communities by allowing users to upload "Proofs" to the blockchain via IPFS, thus showing a verifiable history of contributions:

  • The DApp was never finished, however there is a pre-MVP Demo: Click Here for the GitHub repository with a short Problem/Solution Demo Day presentation
  • The DApp was created in 3-5 days with a team of three. I worked on the Solidity part, specifically on the IPFS integration, ERC20 & ERC721 contracts.
  • With some hard-coded parts, we were able to make a short but presentable Demo.

Fruktykraski (Fruits & Colors) 2021/22

A shop for adults based on the successful positioning of EIS, only for the russian market:
  • The website is inactive as of today: Click Here for Slide Deck
  • Created the whole online shop & brand, including pictures/design. Handled multiple international suppliers as the shop had over 100 products and set-up country wide fulfillment. Hired a team for copywriting and targeted ads on Yandex, Instagram & TikTok
  • Failed due to the situation between Russia & Ukraine in 2022, Facebook stopped all ads & Shopify closed down all shops in Russia

LOAR 2020

An influencer agency for the DACH market:
  • The website is inactive: Click Here for Slide Deck
  • Managed Business Development on both sides: inluencers & companies. In charge of cold sales calls
  • Failed due to wrong contract structure. Asked for too much from influencers and could not get deals for everyone in such a short time, basically difficulties to satisfy a two-sided market

Aestus Arsenal & Pi-Knives 2019

An outdoor online-store for selling exclusive knives and outdoor equipement:
  • The website is inactive, link to the visualization: Click Here for Slide Deck
  • Created the whole online shop & brand for Pi-Knives, including pictures/videos/copywriting. Set up automated targeted marketing ad funnels
  • Failed due to restriction of facebook ads
  • Possible solution would be to advertise manually in communities online (requires time & people)


A platform that helps students pass exams by decreasing their study time by audio-books:
  • The platform was never developed: Click Here for a Slide Deck
  • Worked on Ideation, Market Research, Business Plan. Got 500 sign-ups in a week for the MVP, did not pursue it further though

Tu-Du 2018

A quantified self app, that uses the concept of a tamagotchi to help you get things done:
  • The app was never developed: Click Here for a Slide Deck
  • Worked on Ideation, Market Research, Business Plan & Funding (successfully secured). Created the full visualization and app demo for an MVP
  • Failed in pre-launch due to disagreement with the developer team on the vision and quality of work

wusuppe 2017

A platform that helps students of the WU University of Business & Economics decrease their studies from 10 semesters to 6 semesters :
  • The website is inactive: Click Here for the Guide
  • Got over 1000+ sign-ups. Did not pursue it further, as I did not want to monetize it.