The Philosophy of Laser Eyes

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From misunderstanding memes to focus.

Most slogans of crypto and web3 seem like a joke to the outside world. To be frank, all the “dog”-coins, “monkey”-nfts and memes overall, create a controversial hype. However, there is a difference between being fun and being a joke. Even though it may often not seem like it, most of the foundational slogans were intendet to be fun, but not a joke. Unfortunately, the line between these two words is very thin. Hence, it seems like a joke to many outsiders. Perhaps, a protection mechanism to keep the un-curious people out.

Seems like the protection is working, even I was fooled a couple of times already. As everytime I saw “Laser Eyes”, I thought of "trolling bitcoin maxis". Just some Gigachads who were signaling their alphaness to the world - "Bitcoin will safe us all". However, I was wrong. All this time, I did not know the real meaning of having Laser Eyes. Thanks to the Gigachad, Michael Saylor, himself, I do know the real meaning of it now. Michael Saylor explained it in an interview with Lex Fridman.

Laser Eyes mean FOCUS.

If one has laser eyes, it means you are focused on one particular thing. Also, one has to focus, as today a big risk is that there is too much of everything, good and bad.

"I got a thousand opinions and a thousand things we could talk about, but I don’t expect to be succesful in them and I don’t think that my opinions in 999 are going to be more valid than the leader of thought in that area. How about I just focus on one thing, and deliver the best I can in that one thing. That's the laser eyes message."

As you can see, Laser Eyes have a much more powerful message than just being bullish on Bitcoin. Laser Eyes are more of a life philosophy. The only thing left to do, is to find a focus area, to concentrate all your energy on, and execute. The only thing left to do, is to learn how to see with your new Laser Eyes.